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Selecting an amazing web designer is not only about finding some individual to develop you an attractive website. There are lots of factors that can and will influence the success of a website. For you to know what qualifies as a good designer/developer you should be intelligent . That is the objective of this content.

I believe that web design grand rapids michigan begins with a strategy. A solid plan that contains search engine optimization, ( SEO ) and user friendliness at its base. Building your web site in this way will allow your SEO to be much easier with just minor revising and updating. At the time of this writing it is actually not yet possible for search engine spiders to make sense of anything you have on your web site.

Web-crawlers really enjoy text. They don't understood javascript and they do not actually have the capability to read complex flash text or images. Making certain that the entire web site including all of its pages are indexed by the spiders is important. Even if they can't see your pages, it may as well not be there.

Just what exactly does all this mean to you in your search for a web designer or web developer. Just in case you're questioning yourself why I refer to designer and developer as if they're a couple of distinctive things , the actuality is, is that they are.( if you want to be technical ). Web designer seems like the general key phrase tossed about as one who creates or builds website pages. However it is frequently the individual who designs the physical appearance of the web site. He generally just deals with pictures. While there's much more to creating a functional web site than just pretty pictures and nice moving graphics, perhaps it will surprise you that a web page can in fact also be a computer program, or more appropriately, a web application . This is the behind the curtain code that gives the web site its brainpower, so to speak . Some web designers are mainly responsible for carrying out a physical design for your website. If they don't code in HTML or CSS, the design usually photoshop or fireworks, then would go to the coder, who literally puts it all together using html, CSS and in some cases a scripting languages like PHP or ruby for back end programming. The outcome is a web site that renders in the readers web browser and depending on whether a bit of coding was used, also enables the individual to interact with the web site thereby making choices and decisions. This is definitely the very short version of a slightly complex subject.

If you are able to keep this in mind whenever you take a look at the long term contract it will help you understand why the coding aspect ( developing ) of your web site is usually more expensive. Any serious website development corporation is going to have an in depth contract and should not hesitate to explain details of the written contract to you.

The World Wide Web Consortium ( W3C ) identifies standards and best practices for web design and development therefore you should make it a point to try to ask your web guy whether or not they will be making your website with standards compliant html. This simply indicates abiding by the W3C standard.

Once they say that they intend creating the structure of your site using tables, insist that they don't. For two reasons :

1. Using tables for layout is not standards compliant and also could very well adversely effect page downloading times. ( very bad ) The extra webpage code in your page the bigger the file and the greater the file the longer it will take to download.

2. Updating and maintaining webpages will be much more difficult, and can take more time, which can translates more being more more expensive. Once you consider your web site project try thinking ahead and plan for the long-run. You will need a web site which is extendible and can be maintained more easily. Better methods are not defined as such for no reason. I stress this reason just because it's a critical one.

A profile will let you have a peek of what the designer / developer is capable of will help you to see the design style. Any specific web designer with sense won't have customers in their portfolio who were not completely satisfied. It's bad for business. Seeking a great developer in trustworthy on-line listings is a good place to discover a web designer or some other service for that matter where the company or individual will be rated by the public.

It truly is of greater importance to that business that they are effective since their ranking is out there for the open public to see. An example of such listings could be Yahoo's Local Search listings , or online Yellow pages. A quality resource for identifying a very good web designer is to talk with people that you know who have had first hand practical knowledge and who designed their websites. If people have been given excellent service most of them don't have any problem recommending their designer to you.

It is actually OK to inquire about a mock up web-site. Usually designers will actually make a couple of mock ups for you to examine and sometimes they may even show you all sorts of various web styles and templates just before starting. It is a means of narrowing down the design, the number of columns, colors and themes he will need to design for.

The web developer needs to advise you on every part of the design process. He should educate you and demonstrate in very straightforward terms the reasons behind doing things. Don't simply take his word for it. Request why. He ought to give attention to just what content you intend putting on your website also, due to the fact that Search engine optimization is all about content , keywords and relevance . Obviously the content decided on is eventually the client's choice, but a responsible designer should really tell you about how you could possibly optimize your content. It is important to keep in mind that a handful of web designers typically are not experts at Search engine optimization and there are specific SEO firms or individuals which do just that, nevertheless it is best if they work arm in arm with the designer of your site. When you do come across a web designer that can do an outstanding job of Search engine optimization then you certainly stand a much better chance of your site being much easier to market and rank.

Therefore here are some points I feel will make an all round good choice in a web designer/developer.

1. Expresses the importance in preparing your website for user friendliness 2. Knows very good web design that is standards compliant 3. Can easily think through the mind of the potential site visitor of the clients web-site 4. Takes advantage of colors very well and researches the target audience . 5. Teaches the customer and makes clear website language in layman's terms. 6. Plans a web site from SEO perspective , with attention to file structure and naming schemes. 7. If executing any programming , almost all the above is true along with powerful focus on applicability of the application . Simple user interface , secure and absolute featured to name a few . . These kinds of factors are certainly not the challenging and quick rule , it is pretty much a guide. Nevertheless , I really believe most of all above all , you need to aquire sound service. First-rate service is the best marketing tool for just about any company and you should anticipate it.

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