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Statement jewellery is a fantastic way to commemorate some of our more significant occasions, the ones that truly matter to us, and stay with us forever. Starting a family is one such occasion. It provides an excellent chance to buy a special gift that the new mum can enjoy and take pleasure from. Personalised necklaces can be adorned with name engraved t-shirts or dresses for each new addition to the family. So why exactly is this such a great keepsake for a brand new mother?

A stunning present for a brand new mother

A personalised long length family necklace is a present that could be worn for any special occasion. It is a long length necklace that is certainly ideal for anyone fond of silver. Long lasting and classically stunning, it can turn into an heirloom piece.

Customised and unique

Your family is unique and so will a personalised statement necklace be. Giving your young ones pride of place with our gorgeous t-shirts and dresses, each statement piece is made especially for you by expert silversmiths. Look for items that have been hall marked with the MG stamp, so you can feel confident you're purchasing a genuine item which has been very carefully created and crafted by very skilled silversmiths.

A long-lasting visible memory

If you want to support UK made products, seek out statement jewellery that is hand crafted and hallmarked in the United Kingdom. You know it will be intended to last so any new mum can treasure the jewellery and use it for a long time to come.

Brand new members of the family can be added

A long line personalised family necklace is a present that can grow with the family. Each newborn may be represented on the silver necklace by adding a further dress or t shirt, turning it into a long lasting and different item of jewellery.

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